Mother Hen

Well, I am officially the mother hen to 63 eager, clean eating chicks (and dudes). I am so excited to be the leader of our Clean Eating Challenge here at CrossFit Boomtown. I joke, but these challenges are just as much for me as they are for my members. Just because I co-own a gym, doesnt mean that I don’t love pizza and a really good beer, or would rather eat a brownie over some broccoli.

That brings us to the name of my blog – some of you may be wondering where it came from. The name was developed with a little help from my good friend Tommy, who loves brownies just as much as I do. Box jumps and Brownies represents me, my life and my love for food (mainly chocolate) and exercise. I think about food often and love to both eat and cook.

I have a lot of new faces this time joining my challenge – so I’m going to do my best to help the newbies out with some tips and recipes. The thing that has helped me the most when it comes to eating clean and staying on track would be prepping my food ahead of time so its ready whenever I am hungry (which is pretty much always). Here is what I am going to be eating this week.

unnamed-11 Here we have scrambled eggs with spinach, red peppers, bacon and tukey sausage! Great to heat up all week for a quick breakfast on the go.

unnamed-6Premade salads are quick and easy, keep olive oil and apple cider vinegar on hand to make your own yummy dressing!

unnamed-10I have found a new love for quinoa and mixed it here with some garlicky spinach. Some grilled chicken makes this a great protein packed post WOD meal.

unnamed-8Here we have burgers which I have stuffed with spinach, onion, garlic and bacon, alongside a sweet potato and some mixed roasted veggies – this week asparagus, mushrooms and red onion.

unnamed-9Here is a big meal for Chad – 2 burgers, some quinoa and some roasted string beans.

unnamed-7Here is my favorite – I lovingly call it pizza meat (its just ground beef, garlic, onions, a small can of tomato paste, a mashed sweet potato and some italian seasonings (think pizza)).  Its yummy and makes me smile. Threw some roasted string beans and brussel spouts in there too just for some green.

Until next time – keep it clean 🙂

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