A Day to Reflect

Today, being 9/11, is always a day that makes me sit back and really reflect on my life and what I truly have. Often times we are so focused on the negative things in life, what we don’t have, what we can’t afford, that we forget to truly be grateful. As I sit here, all these years later I can distinctly remember where I was when the attacks on the World Trade Center happened.

I was a senior in high school. I had worries that involved if my outfit looked cute that day, or if the boy I thought was cute thought the same of me. They didn’t involve losing loved ones, or seeing a part of the city I grew up visiting crash to the ground.

I personally did not lose anyone that day, but I do remember so many of my friends crying, waiting to hear from their parents who were supposed to be in the towers at the time of the attack. Luck must have been on thier side , because family members that should have been there were traveling to other offices or out for coffee instead.

I grew up with two grandfather’s who were in the military, but one passed away before I was born, and one didn’t really talk of his time in too much. So, my connection to law enforcement, fire or military personnell was pretty much non-existant. I didn’t truly understand what it meant to have a loved one deployed, or how huge the sacrifice really was for these men and women.

After high school I went off to college where I met Chad and all of his friends in the military. This was my first real experience with having someone so close to me be in the military. He showed me what it truly meant to be patriotic, to be a proud part of this country and what it looked like to sacrifice everything, put your life on hold and protect this country from people that took so much from us.


All these years later I have so many friends and some family members that are firefighters, police officers or military personnell. Some are deployed, some have just come back, and many are working right here in Rochester, many who are core members of my gym.

So its times like these make me truly feel grateful for the life I have today. For the opportunity to open our gym and spread our love and knoweldge for health and fitness to our wonderful community that we are building at CrossFit BoomTown, and to have an amazing husband who would give anything for the people he loves, but just as much for the people he doesn’t even know.

So thank you to all those who risk their lives everyday to make mine better. I hope you reflect back on your own life, celebrate your successes and be grateful for them, but also think about those who lost their lives on 9/11 and thank those that are still fighting for ours today.


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