Yummy Things

I love food. I think about food often. I love cooking food and I love eating food. I also love talking to others about the food I eat. So hopefully you are ready to listen…because I have eaten a LOT of yummy food (and some pretty awesome drinks) recently.

Chad and I had a few days away down in DC for my cousin’s wedding a few weekends ago. I ate and drank a lot of yummy things on this trip. Some were clean, or could easily be made clean, and some were VERY worth it cheats.

We went to lunch at Shipyard Brewery and I ate this awesome steak salad. It had incredibly delicious blue cheese and crunchy onions on top, which arent clean but were very delicious. I also drank their pumpkin beer, which totally completed this awesome meal.


The food at my cousin’s wedding was probably the best wedding food I have ever had. I also drank this delicious drink, which had rosemary infused lemonade, vodka and prosecco in it. SO GOOD!


Chad and I had a great Sunday this past weekend, one of the first that we didn’t have anything to do. We slept in and went to Atlas Eats (http://www.atlas-eats.com/p/kitchen.html) for brunch. If you haven’t been there yet it is an Irondequoit gem on Clinton Ave. You could make some options clean, but I would save this for a cheat meal so you can really taste everything…their food is SO good! We shared a bunch of breakfast items – one being the scramble skillet with roasted red peppers, spinach and cheese. This was so good that it inspired me to make my own version as a scramble for the week. Here is my version.


We did some work at Spot Coffee downtown after brunch and stopped at Hart’s Grocery for an afternoon snack. If you haven’t been to Hart’s its a great little market that boasts lots of local stuff, which is awesome. It is a bit pricy, but its a one stop shop for lots of local foods.

I got a Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (one of my favorites, you shouldn’t knock it before you try it) and an awesome lentil salad. Chad got a qunioa and kale salad with a Kombucha drink.

unnamed-2 unnamed-1

I prepped some not so exciting food for the week. But I did make this Spaghetti squash with sauce and added some local parmesan cheese that I bought at Harts. Totally got rid of my craving for pasta.


Keep eating yummy things.


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