Weekend Recap

It was a good weekend all around.

Friday night we hung at CrossFit Recourse in Webster and did an awesome workout with some good “fit friends”. I got the pleasure of working with the one and only Kaela Pitts from CF Paradigm. If you don’t know Kaela she is an all around badass and made our 135lb clean and jerks look like baby food. I on the other hand got my ass handed to me a little, but she was an awesome supporter.

Saturday we had the honor of hosting the Crazy 8’s memorial WOD for RPD Officer Pierson at CrossFit Boomtown. This was an awesome display of community and I am so proud to be a part of it.


Afterwards Chad and I went to our friend Jess and Chad’s wedding. What an awesome couple. Chad and I drank too much and danced just enough, it was fun to get out and celebrate. We looked pretty sexy too, but of course I can’t share that with you because we suck at taking pictures. I like to experience the moment instead of take pictures, but I do want some pictures of the two of us. I need an overexcited teenager to follow us around when we look good and snap some pics so I don’t have to think about it.

Today was the first day of Gymnastics camp at CrossFit Boomtown. Alexa did a great job breaking down butterfly pull ups for me. They got better by the end of class. I’ll keep working on them. After that Chad and I finally gave into our guilty pleasure and downloaded the new season of SOA. We don’t have cable, so we can’t watch it when its actually on, plus I saw that it is on at 10pm..who can stay up for that!?


There were 4 episodes that were available to watch, so of course I cooked a yummy brunch and cuddled on the couch for a good portion of the afternoon. It was totally worth it. Shit’s getting crazy on that show.

Once the four episodes were over I decided it was time to be productive. Meal prep took just over an hour today and I made some fun stuff for the week.

I bought andouille sausage from Seven Bridges this week. Here is what I did with it.


Ok so it looks like poop, but its soooo good. I took some garlic and onion and sautéed those up. Threw in the sausage and a can of this black bean soup. I don’t really have a name for this, maybe like a black bean stew?? Give it a try. Perfect for a chilly week.

I also made some spaghetti squash with sauce. Here is the one I use, its yummy.


I also made some awesome burgers made from Seven Bridges beef, onion and garlic. I paired them with roasted sweet potatoes with chili powder and sautéed kale.


Tonight I pan seared some pork chops with an onion and apple chutney on top. Paired it with some pan roasted string beans and roasted acorn squash with grass fed butter. Mmmmm. Maybe in my next life I will write restaurant menus. I love talking about food. 🙂


Here’s to a healthy week. Come back soon.


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