What I’m Eating This Week

After a great weekend, I had a solid prep session Sunday night. As I have mentioned before, running nutrition challenges at CrossFit Boomtown are as much for me as they are for my members. With everything else I have going on in life, often times I find that prepping meals and thinking about healthy options for the week takes a back seat. So far on this challenge I have done a pretty good job (if I do say so myself) of sticking with taking a few hours on Sunday nights and prepping lots of food for the week.

Thursday is my anniversary with my husband Chad, so I know some cheats are going to be had that day.

1904096_749577201780826_8673530592376567816_n Here we are 4 glorious years ago. We are a great team for most things, but when it comes to cheating we are pretty horrible together. We can easily convince the other one that ice cream is necessary or day drinking is a must. On the flip side he does do a great job of keeping me on track and reminding me of my goals (by ever-so-lovingly grabbing my love handle). He doesn’t help me cook, but he is a great bag carrier at the public market and an awesome taste tester of all food. Yup, lucky to have him around.

So, here is what I made this week to keep us on track before our day of love and treats (I’ll keep you posted in a post later this week about what our day ended up looking like!)

unnamedFor something new this week I decided to grab this bag of lentils. I grew eating lentils the Italian way, with a tomato-e base and grated cheese and red pepper on top. I actually have distinct memories of eating lentils at my grandmas house before we would go trick-or-treating, so I guess subconsciously I remembered this and thats why I bought them this week to make. These are curried lentils. They came with an awesome little bag of spiciness to add to the mix. They are delicious and by buying them I am helping The Healthy Sisters project. Its a pretty cool thing they are doing for these ladies. If you don’t know what/who they are check them out www.healthysisters.org

I can safely say that white rice has made a comeback in our rotation of food staples. Yes, white rice. Don’t argue with me and read this article http://ancestral-nutrition.com/why-white-rice-is-healthier-than-brown-rice/ if you want to tell me that I should be eating brown rice.

unnamed-2I made this big ass bowl of rice, kale and ground beef. Perfectly simple and perfectly delicious. Full of awesome recovery things post-workout. I like it simply with some S&P, Chad adds hot sauce to it. Whatever you fancy its equally delicious. YUM!

In an effort to prove that healthy food can be just as equally delicious I made this veggie dish. Brussel sprouts,  this squash…

unnamed-1Don’t know what its called! and BACON!!! I mean really can you go wrong with bacon?? If you know someone that doesn’t like brussel sprouts pour some bacon grease on top and then tell me they are gross.

unnamed-3 Here is my finished product. SO GOOD!

Actually..Im going to go eat some of these right now! Until next time, eat well!


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