Am I Useful to my Tribe?

This past weekend was the end of my clean eating nutrition challenge. I had my participants write me a reflection of the past 9 weeks  and I couldn’t be happier with the responses I am getting back. Most people really have taken this and ran with it, making eating well a concious thing that has become routine, not just a challenge for the last few weeks. Participants are using phrases like “this has become a lifestyle” and “I will never go back to the way I was eating”. How freakin cool is that!!

This past weekend we had a kick ass workshop here at CrossFit Boomtown hosted by Chip Conrad of Body Tribe Fitness in Sacramento. This was an awesome, out of the box workshop that really made us look at the world of fitness and how we are teaching others how to move and why to move.

Chip calls the groups in his life “tribes”. So his family is a tribe, the members at his gym are a tribe, etc. This in itself is a cool concept, then he expanded. He said a tribe may have a leader, but really it is a group of people all working together for a common goal and all people in the tribe are responsible for the well being of the tribe. He went on to ask us if we were being useful to our own personal tribes? Well, shit, I hope so. But it really got me thinking.

Changing jobs from a teacher to a gym owner / fitness coach has opened so many opportunities for me to be more useful to my tribe. I truly wake up every morning and feel like I am making a difference in people’s lives. I could not be prouder to be Chad’s wife and business partner. I can honestly say that I feel what we are doing here is benefitting our tribe and that our members are bringing these things out into the world and sharing them with their own tribes.

I can sit and think this is the case all I want, but after getting my reflections back from my nutrition particiapnts with loads of thank-you’s and couldn’t do this without-yous I know what I am thinking is in fact true. I am useful to my tribe, and that fuckin’ rocks!!

As you read this, I hope that you are reflecting on your own life. Are you as useful as you can be at work? at home? for your family? for your own health? Are the things you are doing in the gym, outside of the gym, with your kids, food you are putting in your mouth, making you healthier and more useful, or making you a burden to your tribe. If not, what can you do to make a change?

I know that I am motivated to continue to be useful and have really taken this and brought the thought and concept into lots of areas of my life. No one is alone in this world, we are all part of something bigger, something that needs us to be an active part of it, why not be the best part we can be.

Hope this gets you thinking and evolving into a better you. Keep up the positive things you already do. Continue to learn and grow everyday. And ask yourself….

Are you useful?

Thanks for reading


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