The Holidays Are Upon Us

The Holiday season is officially upon us. By this time tomorrow my belly will be full of STUFFING!!! This year we are heading to Chad’s mom’s house in Syracuse for the big T-day. Everyone will be there to celebrate, so we are looking forward to some family time. I am bringing my three favorite things – stuffing with sausage, pumpkin bread and homeade cranberry apple chutney.


This time of year is one of my favorites. I love decorating, giving gifts, and being with family. That being said. there are definitely moments where I feel overwhelmed with how many extra things need to get done. If this time of year is a dreaded one for you try a few of these tips to keep you sane and actually happy this holiday season and take the stress out of what is supposed to be a joyful time of year.

#1) Don’t overextend yourself and don’t be afraid to say No – you don’t need to be completely booked every weekend and just because you were invited to something, doesnt mean you need to go. Choose a few events this season that are important to you and choose to go to them and enjoy yourself!

#2) Make yourself a priority – just because this is the time of giving doesnt mean you need to take everything away that you normally do – try to keep your normal routine as much as possible. DONT miss out on workouts and when you are not indulging, keep your nutrition as clean and consistent as possible. Add in some relaxation or mental health time as well – take a yoga class, or take a few minutes to meditate.

#3) Don’t make excuses – yes you are busier, but are you really THAT much busier that there is no time left to eat healthy or exercise. Really think about your goals, they will still be there after the holidays. Dont let yourself get too far off track that you need to start over Jan 1. Start your to-do list with prep food and exercise, then budget your time accordingly afterwards. Those things should always happen!!

#4) Don’t overeat. Put your events on a calendar. Look at it often. Understand that Thanksgiving dinner or  a company Christmas party is going to bring with it lots of food and drinking. Budget for these things throughout the day. Eat a healthy breakfast, and try not to indulge for a few days before. Eat something healthy and full of protein before you go to a party so that you aren’t starving once you get there. And be sure to drink LOTS of water before an event to avoid being hungover!

#5) Actually enjoy yourself. Indulge in family traditions, and enjoy time spent at holiday events. Don’t regret what you ate / drank. Enjoy it and move on the next day.

Hopefully some of these tips will bring along with them a happier, healthier holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!


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