Are you Eating Enough!?

As the days get shorter and to-do lists get longer for most of us normal habits, like eating, tend to take a back seat, especially this week (the week before Christmas) when there is a mad rush to get things done. I understand this for sure, as sometimes I go way too long without eating and then wonder why I feel sluggish.

Beyond the craziness of life somtimes, I have been finding that more and more of my athletes are approaching me with nutrition questions and my first response is “You need to eat more!”. So many of us out there are asking so much of our bodies, in the gym, on the field, etc. and not fueling it properly to get any of this done or recover from it once its over.

If you are finding that you are always tired, your body isnt recovering from workouts, you are getting sick more often, and you can’t stay focused, these are key signs of overtraining and under nutrition. Be sure that you are not skipping meals, that you are eating foods from all food groups (if they agree with you) and balance out your necessary macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats).


There are some great resources out there to find out what your daily intake should look like. Even if you don’t measure food or track macros everyday for the rest of your life, if you think that you are in this boat be sure to check out a website or app (like to track your food intake for a few days at least. Once you have gotten used to what a good day of eating feels like and looks like you should be able to replicate this pretty closely to where you need to be.

You can’t expect your body to do all the things you are asking to do if you aren’t giving it the fuel it needs to work, grow and rebuild.

If you are a mover, don’t be afraid to also be an eater!!

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