Christmas Recap

So I think I have officially come out of my wine and Christmas cookie sugar coma. Chad and I had the opportunity to get away from CrossFit Boomtown and head down to Long Island to have mom and dad take care of us for a bit. It was a relaxing few days off and we had a great time hanging with my family.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the awesome gifts I got this year  – I did well, let me tell you!

IMG_2220I got lots of things to keep my feet warm and toasty. My sister got me these awesome slippers. Check out those sweet reindeer pants too..this is how I get all the men, in case you were wondering.

IMG_2226Not only do I have the best family, but I also married into one of the most generous, giving families as well. My mother in law got me the Sorel Boots that I wanted! These are definitely going to be a wardrobe staple this winter.

Speaking of married, my husband Chad did a kick ass job with gifts this year too! I’m not big into making lists, or asking people for exactly what I want, so he needs to get a little creative when it comes to buying me presents. He rose to the occasion this year!

IMG_2219One of the presents he got me was this awesome cookbook. The title alone gives you enough insight into how awesome this book really is. I am definitely excited about trying some of the recipes soon. Check them out at for more info on this book and other awesome recipe ideas!

IMG_2227I also got CHOFFY! Im so excited about this product. Choffy is brewed CHOCOLATE! UMM hello! Yes!! You brew it like coffee and it tastes like coffee and hot chocolate had a baby. I can’t steal that last line, Chad actually said it a breakfast this morning. Choffy is great for you and doesn’t have the same side affects as coffee – so no energy crash or caffeine jitters, plus its freakin delicious. Im sold. Oh yea, I also got a sweet french press to make my Choffy in! Check them out at for more information about their products!

My mom got me these awesome new spices that I am so excited to use in some upcoming recipes and my sister’s roomate Melissa got me this awesome body scrub!

IMG_2221 IMG_2224

Seriously, this vanilla body scrub smells like cake. It makes showers very difficult.

IMG_2225 I randomly mentioned that I love the Starbucks place cups, so last year my sister Jenny got me the LA one. This year I got a Hamptons one from my sister Jeannine. I LOVE THEM and now I have mugs that represent where both my sisters currently live. Chad thinks its dumb, you might too, I think they are cool as shit.

IMG_2222My dad hooked me up with these bad ass Alex and Ani earrings. I am so excited to get sassy and wear these!

I truly got spoiled this Christmas season. I got awesome presents from my family and also from my friends and members as well. Thank you to everyone who got me something with a moose on it, or gave me a cookie (or 20) to eat, and thanks for ALL the wine I got! You got me covered for a WHILE.

I am so grateful for the wonderful life I have and for the wonderful people in it. Happy New Year…I cant wait to see what 2015 brings.


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