New Year – New You

So its January 13th, are you the best you that you have ever been yet? What a crock of year, new you. The new year is just another day. Its the yesterday to January 2nd and the tomorrow to New Year’s Eve. It’s not special and the hype around it only produces disappointment come February 1st.

Did you know that out of everyone that makes a New Year’s resolution, only 8% are actually successful? That sounds promising…

Did you also know that the most popular resolutions this year were lose weight, get organized, save money, learn something exciting, quit smoking and spend more time with family. These are all pretty inconsequential are right, you should probably wait until January 1st to start these and then not actually follow through with anything.

People drive me crazy. If these things were something that you actually wanted, you could literally start right now. Join a gym and actually commit to being there. Learn about portion sizes and cleaner eating. Go to Target and buy  some shelves or storage bins and organize your shit. Set a budget and use only the money you have available. Decide what you want to learn and join a class or buy a book. Take steps towards quitting smoking and plan time per week to spend time as a family.

If you really want something, man up and get motivated. Decide what is truly important to you and commit to it. You owe it to yourself to truly become a better version of yourself. Write down your goals, make a plan and share them with everyone you know. Use the people around you to keep you motivated and on track. Be a part of the 8%.


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