Should I Participate in the CrossFit Games Open

As a CrossFit gym owner I have always had mixed feelings about the Open. It is an awesome time for the elite athletes to shine and show what they have worked so hard for all  year, but it usually leaves the little people, the everyday athletes behind, or feeling inadequate.

Standards for the Open have gotten harder and harder and less and less of my members have been able to participate in an RX division. We have always offered modifications, but once you modified it was difficult to track yourself agains the masses and see where you stack up.

This being said I am excited about this year’s Open with the addition of a modified division available. As a coach and owner I want to see my members succeed, and sure, we have seen some awesome things happen in past Open workouts, but we have also seen people completely defeated because they couldn’t even do one toes to bar or pull up. This year we finally appeal to the masses, not just the top elite athletes fighting for a spot at the games.


So as regisration opens for this year’s Open, I hope that you consider these things.

1) Anyone can participate – especially this year! You are allowed to RX what you can and modify what you need. It’s just like another WOD in class. How cool is that!? You don’t need to be at a certain level. Suddenly now, everyone is good enough to particiapte in the Open.

2) The Open Scratches that competitive itch – as adults we rarely compete anymore, and many of us coming from an athletic background miss this from our childhood. The Open allows for some friendly competition within our gym, but also worldwide.

3) Its Freakin Fun! The open offers a time to create a fun environment within your gym and have people rally around each other and push them to do things they thought maybe they couldnt.

Here at CrossFit Boomtown we encourage anyone who wants to be a part of the CF Open to register for it. We will be participating as a gym and look forward to working with all of you through the 5 weeks of the open.

Details you need to know:

1) The Open is 5 weeks long from Feb 26 – March 30 – there is one workout per week that everyone will complete

2) You must register for the open at if you are a member of my gym you must put yourself on our team as well so we can validate your scores

As a community we preach that CrossFit can be for anyone, and this year we have proven that by adding in a modified division. I am excited to see what my athletes will accomplish this Open Season!


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