Meal Prep

Meal prep has become a huge part of weekly routine. By taking time one or two times per week to spend a few hours in the kitchen, I find that I am saving money, eating out less and staying on track with my eating.

I love to cook, so prepping food is an enjoyable thing for me. I’m totally in my comfort zone and feel so accomplished when I am done. If cooking isn’t your favorite thing to do, try to set the mood as much as possible. Crank some good music, find some awesome recipes, have someone you love help you. You will be so proud of yourself when you are done. If you are not meal prepping, you are totally missing out.

When meal prepping think large quantities of food that will get you through a bunch of meals for the next few days. Cook a bunch of rice or oats. Grill up a ton of chicken. Roast a shit ton of veggies. It doesn’t have to be that hard. I use a bunch of the same ingredients every week and just change how I prepare them so I don’t get bored. Here is what I did for the next few days.

We went to a friend’s house for the SuperBowl. I had andouille sausage from Seven Bridges in the fridge. Decided to mix the sausage with some onion, pepper and rice. Spiced it up and it came out like this….

unnamed Not to toot my own horn but it was really good.

Next I roasted veggies to have for lunches and dinners.

I made a mix of brussels sprouts, carrots and red onions, some sweet potatoes and some beets. People always ask me how I make my vegetables. Pretty much all the same way – roasted 350-400 degrees with olive oil and salt and pepper. Sometimes I get fancy, but not usually. Veggies are so yummy on their own, and when they are roasted their natural sugars carmelize creating extra yummy goodness.

Here are my veggies:

Next I took a pound of Seven Bridges ground beef and mixed it with some baby kale, onions and garlic. Made myself some meatballs for dinner this week.


I prepped some eggs with bacon and kale to have for breakfasts this week.


Next I decided to make my own granola. Last week I bought granola from Wegmans.

4-granola-bags-smallThis granola is awesome and clean, but can get pricy for just some oats and nuts and seeds. I followed this recipe from my Thug Kitchen cookbook (thanks again hunny!)

unnamed-1I altered it a little bit but for the most part followed it straight forward. Here is what mine looked like.

unnamed-2It came out really good and made a ton! Now we have a jar full of granola to top our yogurt with!

Lastly I made a homeade salad dressing to top my baby kale salads that I prepared for lunches.


I followed this recipe from Thug Kitchen. Super simple. I used all apple cider vinegar and put a tbsp of poppy seeds in mine as well. Be creative with your dressing, but this is a good reference for measurements. Put in a sealable container and shake when ready to use!

All in all I would say it was a successful prep day. Here is what I ended up with:


A huge jar of granola, 2 huge baby kale salads with roasted beets on top and homeade dressing ready to go, scrambled eggs with sweet potatoes, and a few dinners consisting of roasted veggies and meatballs.


In my fridge I also have a huge bowl of apples for snacks/dessert, Fage whole fat greek yogurt, canned pumpkin for smoothies, Pittsford Dairy whole milk, more meat defrosting for prepping later in the week and lots of eggs.

You can never be too prepared!! Hope this helps you become inspired to prep your meals for the week. Get creative but don’t get crazy. Healthy food tastes good on its own, it doesnt need a whole lot. It’s easier than you think.

Stay clean



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