Spring Cleaning

It may be a gloomy day out today, but Spring is coming. The awesome thing about Spring is that it represents new life, whether in the religious sense or simply in the mother nature sense. Snow is melting, flowers are blooming and wildlife is active. The days become longer weather becomes warmer. There are better things coming.

Besides just waiting for the weather to break, there are lots of things you can do in your own life to create a happy and healthier Spring. Here are some of my favorites. They make you feel great and keep you busy while Mother Nature plays with our emotions for the next few weeks. Here is my Spring Cleaning To-Do list.

1) Clean Your House – the heat has been on for months now. Open those windows, let some air in and give your house a solid cleaning. Vaccuum and dust throughougly. Wash windows and floors. Really scrub your shower. Change out sheets. I have flannel for winter, so I love switching out my sheets for spring sheets that are brightly colored.

2) Declutter your life. – Go through everything. Junk drawers, pens, tupperware, clothing. Throw away/donate anything that doesn’t get used, doesnt work or has missing pieces, or clothing that is ratty, stained or has holes in it. Clean out your fridge and cabinets as well. Any expired food gets tossed. Any food that hasnt been eaten or doesnt fit your lifestyle gets donated.

3) Clean up your Diet – Most people naturally eat healthier when its warmer out. We turn to fresh fruits and vegetables and grilled meat. Find some fun recipes that include in season fruit and veggies and plan some awesome spring inspired meals. Artichokes and asparagus are so yummy this time of year. Dont miss out on super fresh spring produce.

4) Spring Clean your Mind – Just like spring cleaning our homes makes us feel good, taking some time to “spring clean” our minds is helpful as well. Use the rebirth of spring to find some time for you. Take a yoga class or find some time to meditate. Stop holding a grudge you have been holding all winter. Apologize to someone or forgive someone you may not want to.

5) Get Moving – Spring offers a time to get back outside. Whether you have been inactive all winter, or have been waiting to get back outside, take advantage of the weather and get moving. Start up a hobby that you do every spring or learn something new this spring. Either way, don’t let the sunshine slip away without your taking advantage of it.

I hope this motivates you to do some spring cleaning of your own. I think if we all do it, Spring will come faster!

Happy Spring Y’all.



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