Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Y’all. Hope you all had a great weekend and that your week isn’t starting off too bad. I had a great weekend with family and friends, so I thought I would fill you all in and share some weekend food prep with you.

My parents were up for the weekend. I love when they come and visit. Friday night kicked off the fun. My inlaws came in from Syracuse to hang with us. It was a beautiful day to explore the city. We took everyone to the Genesee Brew House for some beer tasting and food. (I have been craving their beer pretzels and cheese sauce….pregnant girl win haha) I wasn’t able to participate in the beer sampling, but it was a great afternoon at the brewery. After dinner we walked down Park Ave and got some ice cream.

Saturday I headed to the market with my parents where we stocked up on delicious meat from Seven Bridges Farm and bought all kinds of veggies for dinner that night. If you haven’t made it to the market since it has been nice out, GET THERE! There is so much awesome stuff you are missing out on. Then we got a workout in at the gym and sat in the sun for a bit. We threw some steaks on the grill that night with some veggies and homemade dessert. So much better than eating out.

Sunday we went to Atlas Eats for brunch. If you haven’t been there, you are really missing out. I ate this awesome egg skillet. SOOO GOOD!


After that we went home and had an awesomely productive Sunday. I prepped some food and Chad and Edwin built me this…..

unnamed-17 YAY! I am so excited for summer BBQ’s and fires and SMORES!!!

Here is what I prepped for the week.

unnamed-7These radishes looked awesome Saturday at the market, so I couldn’t resist. I usually just snack on them plain, but decided to add some olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon zest to these. Such a yummy, spring inspired snack.

unnamed-8Next I roasted up some veggies. Here I have zuchinni, peppers, onions and baby portabello mushrooms. I paired them up with this yummy fish.

unnamed-9 Seasoned these babies up and pan seared them. Can’t wait to eat these for dinner tonight.

Next I prepped some eggs for breakfast. Threw in any veggie I could think of.

unnamed-10 spinach, scallions, onion, mushrooms and of course…bacon 🙂 I have been getting Irish bacon from Seven Bridges…try it, its worth it.

I also prepped some chicken and salads to have on hand for lunches this week. Spiced this one up with tomatoes and Kalamata olives too. WOOHOO getting fancy.

unnamed-11 Let me tell you, if you aren’t food prepping you are really setting yourself up to fall off track quickly. All this took me no time at all, and I have awesomely healthy and delicious stuff ready for the next few days.

Speaking of awesomely delcious…and kind of healthy, I need to share last night’s dinner with you too. Growing up, Sundays were always Italian feast day. We would eat some sort of pasta every Sunday for dinner. I enjoyed this and sometimes miss it. This weekend I was craving that Italian comfort food. I wanted to try to keep it as healthy as possible but still satisfy my craving. Here is what I came up with…

unnamed-15 unnamed-16I found these at Wegmans. Mrs. Leepers veggie pasta. They are made simply from brown rice, spinach and beets. They are delicious and you can’t tell the difference, so why not sneak some veggies into your pasta?

No Italian dinner is complete without some cheese…so I hunted down some high quality ricotta and pecorino romano to put on top of my Mrs. Leepers (had to, I love that name haha). Here is what I used…

unnamed-12 unnamed-13 Remember you want whole fat or whole milk items when buying cheese. This really hit the spot.

unnamed-14 Here is my finished product. Yeah…I dont mess around with the amount of cheese either. I’m pregnant remember?

Thanks for reading guys…hope you had a good weekend too and that you have a kick ass week!


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