10 Tips to Keep You Motivated in the Gym

10 Tips to Keep you Motivated in the Gym

We all know that consistency is key when it comes to fitness. We need to actually show up and put the work in if we want the results. If we all know this, then why is motivation, or lack of it, so prevalent amongst gym-goers?

Often times life takes over and our busy lives just cant fit something else. Usually the first things that go are the things that are good for us, like getting your butt in the gym.

Here are ten simple tips / strategies to keep you motivated to make the gym a priority.

1) Sign up for a challenge / race / competition
Find something fun to sign up for. A local 5K, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or CrossFit competition. Once you have something on the calendar, you have a concrete goal as to why you are training. This will keep you motivated to prep for the upcoming event and keep you in the gym working towards this goal.

2) Make a friendly bet
The nature of CrossFit lends itself to friendly competition within the walls of each gym, but you can take this even further to keep yourself motivated. Find a friend and wager a friendly bet. Make it something that will keep you in the gym and help you towards a goal that you have. Try something like, I will get to the gym 20 out of 30 days this month. Or, I will get up for the 5:15am class even when I don’t want to.

3) Find a training partner
Having a friend or training partner holding you accountable is a huge help when trying to stay consistent and motivated. It is easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym, but when you need to answer to someone else and update them on progress or you miss a workout with them it makes it a lot harder to bail on your commitments. Try to find someone that motivates you and will keep pushing you to be your best.

4) Be active on our Facebook page
Our gym has a very active social media group that updates members on anything and everything happening at the gym. Being an active participant in this group, or whatever platform your gym offers is an important piece to staying consistent. This not only keeps you in the loop, but also makes you feel like an important part of the community, thus making it harder to leave.

5) Make a Deal at Home
If you are married, or have a family that you are responsible for, often times their needs come before yours. This too often gets in the way of you getting to the gym. If you can make a deal at home where you are guaranteed one hour per day for exercise this would make getting to the gym a lot easier, wouldn’t it? Here you agree that you and your significant other both get an hour to get a workout in each day. During this hour you are not responsible for kids or anything around the house. This hour is for you. Make this deal, keep this deal and stay consistent with your exercise.

6) Schedule Workouts
For our gym you can schedule workouts up to 2 weeks in advance. If your gym offers a reservation system for classes, do this! Set up your schedule for as long as you can and put these classes into your calendar like any other appointment. Try your best to keep every appointment that you have. If your gym doesn’t have an online reservation system, do this for yourself on your phone or calendar book. Plan each week or month if you can so you know exactly what to expect each day.

7) Go through the Motions
Yes, sometimes you are just plain tired. You are not motivated. You have a headache. It was a long day. Go to the gym anyway!! Don’t let these excuses creep in and keep you away from the gym. Today’s workout may not be your best, but at least you can say that you went. Go through the motions and keep your routine and you will probably find that you feel better when you are done.

8) Reward Yourself
Find something that motivates you to keep going. This could be a girl’s night out, spa day, new outfit. Something that makes you want to keep up your routine at the gym. Define the parameters of the deal with yourself and reward yourself only if you meet the goal. Make this goal something that challenges you but is also attainable, so that the reward is something you can actually achieve and can use to keep yourself motivated.

9) Set Goals and Check in Regularly
Set clear goals that are measurable, attainable, appropriate and specific. Set a time domain to complete these goals in. Set up checkpoints to gauge progress and adjust the process if necessary. Tell others about your goals, talk about them often and refer back to them often. Have others help you stay accountable for reaching your goals.

10) Track Progress
Keep track of where you started and what you do each day to work towards your goal. Take before pictures and measurements so that you have a starting point for your goal. Track work done daily in a notebook and note progress as it happens. Repeat workouts or movements every so often to gauge change in strength and overall fitness.

We have all been there. We tell ourselves we should go to the gym, but simply don’t feel like or can’t find the time. Try these 10 simple tips to keep you feeling good and keep you in the gym!


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