Practice What You Preach

Chad and I are celebrating mother’s day next weekend with our moms, so this weekend lent itself to one of the first and one of the only free weekends we have had in a while and will have for some time. We relaxed on Saturday, but took advantage of the free time yesterday and got a lot of stuff done around our house. It was nice to feel so productive.

I took my new group of nutrition challengers to the Public market on Saturday morning, so I had lots of food to prep for Sunday. I made sure to get my prep done that way I am setting a good example for the people in my challenge. It is so easy for me to educate others and tell them what they should be doing, but sometimes I let my life get in the way and don’t always take care of myself the way I should. So this Sunday I was sure to practice what I preach and set Chad and I up for a successful week of eating.

Here is what I did for the next few days.

unnamed I took a few links of Seven Bridges sausage (I like the spicy Italian, maybe because I am one) and threw it in a pan with any vegetable I could think of. Here we have spinach, sweet potatoes, yellow bell pepper, scallions and baby portabello mushrooms. I cooked these up and threw them into my egg bake which will be our go-to breakfast for the week.

unnamed-1 Here is the end product. If you haven’t made an egg bake yet you are really missing out on how easy and delicious breakfast can be. This is 18 eggs and cooked up veggies cooked at 350 for 20-25mins. Keep an eye on it, you will know when the egg is cooked. Cut it up into individual portions for the week and eat cold or reheat for breakfasts on the go. You can literally do any combination of meat and veggies you want, so get creative!

unnamed-2 Next I cleaned and portioned out some beautiful local berries that I bought at the market. I like them already portioned so they are ready to go when I want a healthy snack.

I love that it is warm out now and that I can use the grill – I love to grill!! here is what I threw on there this week.

unnamed-3 This was 2lbs of ground beef from Seven Bridges. I seasoned it up with some garlic salt and pepper (if you have tasted their meat it really doesnt need anything else). We will eat these for lunch/dinner for the next few days. If you plan to reheat in the microwave be sure to undercook them a little bit so they are still juicy after reheating.

unnamed-4I also threw these veggies on the grill to go with my burgers. Here we have yellow squash, orange bell pepper, shallots, mushrooms and asparagus. YUM!

unnamed-5 I threw some sweet potatoes in the microwave and added them to the veggies and burgers for a full meal that provides lots of protein and good carbs, especially post workout. Portion them out so you know how many you have and so they are easy to grab throughout the week.

unnamed-6 Lastly I threw together some salads for us to have. I crave salads in the summer, so I take advantage of this to get my veggies in. Remember you eat with your eyes first, and I think this salad is so pretty! I added blueberries, raspberries and pumpkin seeds on top for some crunch. Get creative with your salads, there are endless combinations out there!

Hope this motivates you to get some prepping done and to eat clean this week! Thanks for reading.

Moose 🙂


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